Last updated: March 25, 2020, v.0.6
Hi! My name is Iurii Dziuban [ˈjurij dziuban'] and I like to make chatbots.
This is the place where I sum up my learning progress, side projects and useful links.

My current coding experience at a glance (as of January 2020):

Watch my step-by-step Youtube tutorials on chatbot building!

My current tech stack in regard to chatbots (based both on commercial and side-project experience)

I'm gradually covering the full stack of chatbot development, including:
  • Idea generation/Problem solving, defining requirements
  • Design (choosing architecture, designing conversation flow, choosing/preparing the content, graphical/functional prototyping)
  • Development (implementing bot logic, data storage, NLU, 3rd party integrations, custom features, bot-to-human handover etc)
  • Deployment
  • Follow-up (metrics/statistics, alerts etc)


Below you can see the side/hobby projects that I've done before being hired and in parallel to my work

'AutoUpdatingBot' Github (March 2020)

Playing with Dialogflow API, I created a simple chatbot which can be "taught" (expanded through adding new intents) during the dialogue with this bot. That is if a bot doesn't understand something, it asks if it should store this phrase with a corresponding response as a new intent. Thus this bot can be expanded in a rather "natural" way, through the dialogue (as people do ;). Please see the detailed video tutorial about how to recreate such a bot.

'MorseBot' Github (February 2020)

This is my first modest experience with hardware stuff. Using Dialogflow and node.js I created a simple chatbot which encodes user's input into Morse cypher. This bot returns dots and dashes to the Web Demo form and in parallel makes a ESP32 board to blink the encoded message with a diode. The code for the board was written on JavaScript using ESPRUINO framework. Please see the detailed video tutorial about how to recreate such a bot by yourself.

'SecretSanta2019' Glitch Repo (December 2019)

My company, Master of Code has many cool traditions. One of them is Secret Santa - this is when each team member is assigned a random person to whom he/she prepares a New Year present. And then there's a party with festive distribution of this gifts. This year (that is for NY 2020) I decided to prepare something more than just a present and created a small IT quest which included a chatbot.

Please see this step-by-step tutorial showing how it was done and feel free to use this idea/bot with your Company and/or friends. P.s. The idea of a quest was inspired by this topic on Reddit about Secret Santa and The Architect (user squeakysqueakysqueak).

'Che:QuestBot' Glitch Repo (July-December 2019)

I decided to create a city quest in the format of a chatbot. But this time I decided to go further and try to create a detailed video tutorial on how I'm currently creating my chatbot hobby projects. In this series of 11 videos (~2h in total) you can find a step-by-step tutorial which is a summary of about 150 hours spent by me on this project (during 2019).

I'm describing how I've got the idea of a city quest chatbot and my reasoning of using chatbot format for such a project, selecting tools (Chatfuel, node.js, Glitch, Airtable, Google Vision API), preparing the contents/scenario for the quest, composing the bot's flow in Chatfuel, writing webhooks on node.js on Glitch (including simple image "interpretation" using Google Vision API), using Airtable to store users' data etc. In the prelast video there's a screencast of passing the quest.

I share the webhooks code (as a Glitch remix) and can send collaborator invites on Chatfuel for you to access the bot's flow (the Facebook Messenger bot is not public so far).

Here are some of the videos as an example (please see the full playlist):

'ITCareerDay2019Bot' Facebook (May 2019)

On May 22, 2019, our company co-organized the event called IT Career Day 2019, an annual job fair where companies-members of IT Cluster of our town (Cherkasy, Ukraine) present themselves and promote the IT sphere in general.

I created a chatbot-quiz for this event where the users could answer questions and win real candies and other prizes (which were given at the Company's booth). Some of the questions were to check user's attentiveness or maths skills but most were about knowing IT life and IT humour ;)

The bot is built on Chatfuel with a custom backend written on node.js and deployed as a Lambda function to AWS. The main purpose of the backend is connecting Dialogflow to Chatfuel (plus also generating verification code and providing some other minor features). The bot uses Chatfuel's built-in export to Google Sheets, send-to-email and human handover functionality.

When the user finishes the quiz and clicks "Get candies" a notification email is sent to admins containing user's info (name, gender, locale, a link to FB profile info etc), the verification code, number of candies that the user has won and also his/her answers to the quiz. Similar results (but without responses to the quiz) are also saved to a Google Sheets document.

Navigation in the bot is possible using quick reply buttons and text commands (thanks to Dialogflow). The bot reprompts the last block of contents in case the user entered something irrelevant or accidentally entered some text so that quick reply buttons disappeared.

Bot launch results: During the event about 150 people played with the bot with ~60% coming to the Company's booth for the prize. The users seem to have liked the bot and also were often surprised when we called them by name even before they introduced themselves ;) (having their name and often a real profile photo received from the bot).

'StickerBot' Github (January 2019)

Found some time to get acquainted with ImageMagic. Messenger has powerful built-in drawing capabilities but I thought that it might be good to make a chatbot able to process images according to given templates (e.g. add a company logo or create some stylized stickers for sharing in the conversation). I failed to finish this bot due to time limitations/other more important tasks but got some useful experience and additional practice in chatbot building. Maybe I'll use/reuse it in some other projects later.

The flow was supposed to be the following: the bot greets the user and offers a list of templates to choose from. Only 1 was template was finished - a so-called "Polaroid" (converts a photo into the polaroid-style image with custom text title). Many other templates could be added (e.g. I've thought of "Visa" - upload photo[-s] and indicate a country to get a photo collage with some visa-style stamps/stickers added, "Logo" - adding a company logo or other symbolics to uploaded photos etc). The user chooses a template and then is asked to provide the needed data (photos, titles etc). The source and the final processed images are stored on AWS S3 with links saved for this user in DB (so that one could create own sticker "packages" in Messenger).

'Podervianskogobot' Facebook Telegram Skype Web Github - v1 Github - v2 (August 2018 - February 2019)

Since my last update of this site I launched my first multi-platform chatbot - This is a bot which replies with popular quotes (drawn on stickers) from plays by Les' Poderviansky (the bot is in Ukrainian) and allows to read and listen to respective plays performed by the Author. Les Podervianskyi is a Ukrainian painter, poet, playwright and performer. He is most famous for his absurd, highly satirical, and at times obscene short plays, many quotes from which became popular memes (more on Wikipedia).

The bot was made using Node.js, Microsoft Bot Framework and npl.js and is available on Facebook, Telegram, Skype Web. Actually, this is the 2nd "generation" of the bot, and the 1st (which wasn't launched and was supposed only for Telegram) was made using Node.js, telegraf wrapper of Telegram API and RiveScript.

I started to work on it last summer (>6 months ago), before I started to cooperate with Master of Code. Thought that it would be funny to make such a bot, and also had a chance to try several new things, mainly RiveScript and npl.js (inspired by this article). This was also my 1st 'live' bot on MS Bot Framework and the 1st bot for Skype and Web.

To make this bot I:

  1. Read through >25 plays by L.P. from this source, chose the most popular quotes (got ~140 of them);
  2. Took the most popular requests from Dialogflow's Smalltalk and assigned quotes from L.P.'s plays as responses to those requests;
  3. Contacted with Les Podervianky's representative to discuss copyright moments and got an approval;
  4. Draw stickers for all those quotes + separate stickers for the plays (~140 in total, this took up to 60% of time working on this project ;);
  5. Copied, parsed and formatted the texts of the plays, downloaded and prepared the audios.
  6. Created the bot itself on Node.js using Microsoft Bot Framework for 4 platforms (Telegram, Facebook, Skype, Web). Also wanted to make a version for Viber but their current policy doesn't allow that :( The bot is actually quite simple - after greeting each user's input is "fed" to NLU block which tries to respond with a relevant quote. If no intents are triggered then a simple full-text search is made and the user is presented with a list of plays in which his/her input was found. If no such phrases were found, the user gets a default fallback response.
  7. In this bot I used an open source library for NLU nlp.js inspired by the above-mentioned article. My conclusion for npl.js - a nice tool and could be used if third-party solutions are not allowed for some reasons but for production I would still use Dialogflow or LUIS.
  8. Deployed the bot to an AWS EC2 instance. This bot is not using DB and ElasticSearch (thought these could be used and could improve the bot) and thus can be hosted on a single t2.micro instance which is free under the free-tier plan.

So far the bot had about 30 users from Facebook, ~10 from Telegram and a few from Skype and Web version.

'BestMovieQuotes' Google Assistant Github (October 2018)

So starting from September 18, 2018, I switched from self-educating in hobby mode 2-4 h/day to building chatbots full-time for Master of Code. So I will probably have less time for my side projects but will try to hold on ;) In October I got acquainted with Actions on Google and built 2 simple voice bots for Google Assistant platform using Dialogflow and Cloud Functions for Firebase. One of these bots, BestMovieQuotes, was approved by Google and is publicly available now (though not for all countries and/or locales - you may need to switch to English as a basic language on your device). So it's a quite simple bot, actually, a stripped down Dialogflow's small talk agent that answers with audio-quotes from famous movies (like "The Godfather", "Casablanka", "The Lord of the Rings", "Titanic" etc.). It gives more or less relevant responses to phrases like 'hello', 'how are you', 'what's up', 'what is life/love', 'bye' etc and you can also ask it for a random quote. You can try it on your smartphone in Google Assistant app (Android, iOS) or on devices like Google Home etc. To invoke the bot please say something like 'Ok Google, talk to Best Movie Quotes' or 'Ask Best Movie Quotes for a random quote'.

P.s. A few words about how I got this bot approved and included into Google Actions directory: it wasn't so straightforward, I succeeded only after 3 tries ;) The problem was that I wanted my bot to conduct a more or less 'natural' talk, listening to user's phrases and responding with relevant quotes. But the guys approving the app wrote that "During our testing, we found that your app would sometimes leave the mic open for the user without any prompt". I tried to prompt the user to continue dialogue using the quote "Talk to me goose" from "Top Gun" which I added after each response but this variant was also rejected. So finally I put an explicit 'robot-read' prompt after each quote - it's not really what I wanted and sounds a bit weird but probably is more correct.

As for the 2nd bot. We had a Halloween party here at MOC, and I also built a simple voice bot especially for this event - CreepySounds. I didn't submit it to Google Actions directory so this bot isn't available publicly. But in case you'd like the idea you may use my code and easily make one for yourself (it should be accessible as a test version on devices where you're logged in). This bot responds to any voice input by a random scary sound (taken from Google sounds library, mainly Horror sounds).

I got a full-time job as a chatbot developer!

This post is not about another chatbot of mine but about an important event in my coding career: I got hired and now work at Master of Code (FB, www)!
Just a quick summary of my journey to this stage: I'm a biologist by education, last 10 years have been working as an English-Russian medical translator. Married, we have 3 small kids (<6 years old). I started to learn coding 11 months ago, in Oct 2017 when I was 34. I was studying for 2-4 hours a day after my main work and on weekends, ~80 hours/month. By the moment I got a job I have been self-educating for ~840 hours net. I was making small projects (9 in total). Created 8 chatbots. Started from Python but then moved to Node JS. For more info – please see below. I had 2 interviews, both at the company for which I’m working now. Still getting used to the new format of work/life (as of Oct 11, 2018, I’ve been working for 3 weeks). A long and exciting way ahead… ;)

'GuessThePlaceBot' Telegram Github (August 2018)

Do you know your city well? Can you recognize its places by street view photos? Play a game with GuessThePlaceBot and check that ;) This is a Telegram bot that asks to identify places in a chosen city by Google Street View images. Built using NodeJS for bot logic, Telegram Bot API (Telegraf wrapper), hosted on AWS Lambda, stores conversation state in PostgreSQL DB (AWS RDS).
Note: Doesn't work on Telegram Desktop or Telegram for Web (platforms limitation - don't allow to send location)
September 30, 2018: Presented the bot in blog, getting feedback..

'FinishPhraseBot' Web Demo Github (July 2018)

It's always more interesting to learn something on practice ;) So learning PostgreSQL I decided to write a simple bot that tells the beginning of a phrase (for eg., of a proverb) and asks the user to finish it. It uses Dialogflow for conversation construction with webhooks on Node JS, and PostgreSQL for storing questions. But to make this bot a little bit more original I also attached a voice "frontend" written by Jaanus Kase. Give it a try ;) (works in Chrome for desktop or Android; as the webhook is hosted on Heroku and goes to the sleeping mode in 30 min if not used, so the 1st response may take some time or may be empty).
P.s. This bot also understands SQL and the database it works with can be managed through the bot itself (see video; I won't provide the link to the text-only version of this bot though ;)).



'FoodCompositionBot v2.0' Facebook Github (June 2018)
FoodCompositionBot is a simple chatbot that analyses food by image (or at least does his best to do that ;) Give it a try by uploading a photo from your camera or photos, posting a link to an image with food or simply typing a food name. This bot was written using NodeJS, Google Vision API for image content analysis, Nutritionix API as the nutrients data source and Facebook Messenger APIs. P.s. It's hosted on Heroku so don't be surprised if it starts the conversation with some delay ("cold" start may take up to 6-10 seconds)

'Fellowtraveler-website' Github | 'Fellowtraveler-Telegram chatbot' Github | 'Fellowtraveler-Facebook chatbot' Github
(March-June 2018 [project stopped])

This is supposed to be an entertainment project/social experiment - a toy 'travelling' across the globe being passed between accidental people. Built on Python using Flask, MongoDB and APIs for GoogleMaps, Dialogflow and messengers (Telegram, Facebook). A chatbot (2 integrations - Telegram & Facebook) and a website working with the same database.
Update - 02 June 2018: Website and chatbot for Telegram are almost done. Hope to make a version for FB Messenger and launch the project soon.
Update - 11 July 2018: Due to other training tasks with higher priority I had to pause my work on this project (but still hope to finish it and launch). Website and Telegram bot are almost ready, Facebook bot is ready for ~80%.
Update - 18 December 2018: Eh.. Still, no time to finish this project. Telegram bot and website off. Who knows maybe one day I will rewrite it on node.js (I still like the idea).

'Remindmebot' Github (May 2018)

On May 16 2018, I visited IT Career Day 2018 in Cherkasy, a so-called "IT-job fairs", which was the 1st event of such type for me. There I spoke with representatives of several companies. Preparing for this event I looked through websites of main companies and came to know that Master of Code (MOC) is making chatbots. I had a talk with guys from MOC and they suggested me to perform a test task writing a bot on node.js. I took this challenge. Though all my previous projects were on Python, I never coded on Javascript before and in general up to 3/4 of instruments used in this project were new for me, I seem to have coped with the task. You can read a bit more about how I made the way from my first "Hello world" on JS to writing and launching Remindmebot in 60 hours here.
About this chatbot: it's a bot-reminder written on Node.js using Dialogflow and Facebook Messenger APIs and MongoDB. It can create reminders using NLU (for example it can understand phrases like "Remind me to go cycling at 7:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays"), delete all or one specific reminder and alert reminders which can be "confirmed" or "snoozed".

'SharedExpensesBot' Github (February-March 2018)

The idea for this training mini-project was suggested by my brother who said that it would be nice to have a chatbot that could help to track shared expenses during travels with friends. For example, when one pays for an apartment, someone else for dinner, the 3rd one for gas, another food/drinks/tickets etc (as an alternative to chipping in with equal sums each time). More detailed information - see github or Dialogflow's forum.
Topics learnt/covered in this project: plain python, MongoDB, dialogflow and telegram/facebook integrations.

'PlotBot' Github (February 2018)

Learning to build chatbots on platform I decided to create a PlotBot - a chatbot which builds charts (using pygal python library for charting). This chatbot used Telegram, Facebook Messenger and a Web Demo integrations. As of Jan 2020 the the webhook is disabled and the bots are inactive. More detailed information about this chatbot on github or Dialogflow's forum.
Topics learnt/covered in this project: dialogflow, Heroku, pygal, dialogflow and telegram/facebook integration.

Other, non-chatbot projects

'Food Composition' Github (January-February 2018)
My 2nd real mini-project. Done in Jan 2018. A Flask app that tries to determine an approximate percentage of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in food by image. Made for fun. Still thinking how to filter non-food images ;) Uses Google Vision API and Nutritionix API. Additionally created [what appeared to be my 1st] simple chatbot (see it below on the right) on platform that can tell fats/carbohydrates/proteins % content for the food user enters (Telegram integration was also used). As of Jan 2020 the the webhook is disabled and the bots are inactive.
Topics learnt/covered in this project: Flask, REST API (Google Cloud Vision API, Nutritionix API), bootstrap,, deployment to a server, dialogflow, Heroku.

'Car-price-age-mileage' Github (November-December 2017)
My 1st real mini-project. Started on 01.11.2017 after learning Python/coding for ~175 hours (3-3.5months) in total, done in ~70 hours. A Flask app that allows a user to choose a car model and get scatter charts showing how this car's price is changing depending on its age and mileage. Data is requested from (the biggest Ukrainian advertisement board for vehicles) using their API. Charts (for age & price, price & mileage and age & mileage) are drawn using 2 charting engines/libraries - pygal and About 50% of time working on this mini-project was spent learning how to create a user management system in Flask (register, login, profile update, password update, password reset, avatar functions). App has a preferences page (accessible for registered and logged in users) where a user can change 2 parameters: advertisements quantity for the model being analyzed (5-50) and the charting engine.
Topics learnt/covered in this project: Flask (including the creation of user management system), vagrant, git, virtualenv, REST API, requests, JSON parsing, charting (pygal,, MongoDB, bootstrap, deployment to server.


Here I will be posting links to courses/materials/software and other resources that I’ve covered/worked with (last links go first).

Project "Che:QuestBot" - IN PROGRESS

Dec 29, 2019 - 300 working days in cooperation with Master of Code
3100 hours
JavaScript Functions, a Pocket Reference // js, javascript, functions

Project "Che:QuestBot" - RESUME (23/12/2019)

Project "SecretSanta2019" - END (22/12/2019)

Project "SecretSanta2019" - START (16/12/2019)

Project "Che:QuestBot" - PAUSED (15/12/2019)

Husky, Git hooks // husky, git
NPM vs Yarn // npm, yarn, node
2900 hours
2800 hours
Non-zero days and other rules for productivity // general, productivity
2700 hours
Sep 18, 2019 - 1 year in cooperation with Master of Code
An Introduction to OAuth 2 // auth
Mixpanel - introduction // mixpanel, logging
14/09/2019 - Visited TedxYouth@Kyiv // general, tedx
Jest - Tutorial //
Jest - Getting started // jest, tests
2600 hours
Dashbot - tracking user data // dashbot, tracking
2500 hours
YAML // yaml
What is Swagger // swagger
15 Tools You Can Use to Beta Test Your Chatbot // chatbot, testing
Attended the 3rd "Tech & Beer" event // tech and beer, meetup
Javascript Classes — Under The Hood // js, javascript
TypeScript documentation/a> // typescript, ts
TypeScript fundamentals - Udemy // typescript, ts, udemy
Lerna (npm package) // lerna, npm, js
Plop (npm package) // plop, npm, js
2400 hours
Chatbots: Your Ultimate Prototyping Tool // chatbot, general
Storytelling And Bot Making // chatbot, general
The Future of AI Is in the Hands of Storytellers // chatbot, general
The conversation designer’s handbook — or how to design chatbots, Google Home actions and Alexa skills that work // chatbots, voicebots, google assistant, alexa, bot

Project "Che:QuestBot" - START (08/07/2019)

Sample files (media, pdf etc) for development // media examples, general
13 npm Tricks for Faster JavaScript Development // node, npm
AVUXI - partner of Amadeus for points of interest data // hackaton, avuxi, poi
Visited Facebook Developer Circle: Kyiv opening // facebook, general
The 2018 Web Developer Roadmap // general, node
Node.js Best Practices // node, best-practices
Fundamental Node.js Design Patterns // node, patters
2300 hours
Validating Data With JSON-Schema, Part 1 // json schema
Postman - Intro to scripts // postman
Coursera course: Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects // learning, general, coursera - logging service // log, logging
2200 hours
STATE OF MESSAGING 2019 // chatbot, conversational solutions
The largest Node.js best practices list (May 2019) // nodejs
The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications // social media
WhatsApp Business API // whatsapp
Overview of the WhatsApp Business API — and how to leverage it // whatsapp
PM2 (Process Manager 2) // pm2, always up, deployment
Understanding Docker as if it were a Game Boy // docker
6 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Heroku Node App From Sleeping // heroku
Chatfuel tutorial to save and read information from Google Sheets using Integromat // chatfuel, integromat
2100 hours
WE SUMMARIZED 14 NLP RESEARCH BREAKTHROUGHS YOU CAN APPLY TO YOUR BUSINESS // nlp, nlu let’s go to real time! // nodejs, socket,
Build a simple chat app with node.js and // nodejs, socket,

Project "ITCareerDay2019Bot" - FINISHED (18/05/2019)

The Self-Feeding Chatbot // nlp, nlu
Automatic Question Answering // nlp, nlu
Technology Radar // technology radar, trends
RCS - Rich Conversation Services // rcs
LivePerson Conversation Builder // lp, liveperson, conversation builder
BotCentral // botcentral
2000 hours
Distributed load test using jMeter on multiple AWS EC2 instances // load testing, jmeter, aws ec2, docker
The top 5 software architecture patterns: How to make the right choice // patterns, coding
Arindam Paul - JavaScript VM internals, EventLoop, Async and ScopeChains (Youtube) // nodejs, event loop
AWS Lambda "warming" (1 | 2 | 3) // aws lambda, warming, serverless

Project "ITCareerDay2019Bot" - START (08/05/2019)

Business requests/projects (Ukraine) // projects, business
Writing middleware for use in Express apps // js, express, nodejs, middleware // prototyping, visual prototype
AWS SQS // sqs, aws sqs, queue

Project "StickerBot" - STOPPED (UNFINISHED) (25/01/2019)

1900 hours
JS - The Right Way // js, javascript

Project "StickerBot" - START (10/01/2019)

1800 hours
Virtual Assistants and Consumer AI // chatbot, ai, virtual assistant, alexa, google home
1700 hours
Feb 14, 2019 - 100 working days in cooperation with Master of Code
Table associations in relational databases // db, postgres, table associations
Facebook Broadcast API // facebook, messenger, broadcast api
Podervianskogobot - getting feedback // podervianskogobot, chatbot, feedback

Learning Golang - STOPPED/PAUSED (08/02/2019)

Learning Golang - START (05/01/2019)

Project "PodervjanskyBot" - FINISHED (04/01/2019)

Elasticlunr // search, lunr, elasticlunr
How to add full text search to your website // full-text search, search
Bunyan - logging library // node, bunyan, logging
Setting Up An HTTPS Server With Node, Amazon EC2, NGINX And Let’s Encrypt // deploy, aws ec2, nginx, let's encrypt
Deploying a Node App on Amazon EC2 // aws, ec2, deploy
Microsoft Bot Framework: sending channel-specific messages // mbf, microsoft bot framework, chatbot

Project "PodervjanskyBot" - RESUME (20/12/2018)

What is Test Driven Development (TDD)? Tutorial with Example // tests, tdd
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Test Driven Development, with a Practical Example // tdd, tests
Dialogflow API v2 // nlu, nlp, dialogflow, chatbot
1400 hours
JS - OOP // js, oop
ООП в функциональном стиле // js, oop
1300 hours
Delete remote branch on Github // git
JavaScript: async/await with forEach() // js, async
Tutorial: Using the Messenger Webview to create richer bot-to-user interactions // messenger, webview
The JavaScript this Keyword // js, this
Call stack, event loop and async programming // js, call stack, async
Функциональное программирование на Javascript // js
1200 hours
Understanding Asynchronous JavaScript — the Event Loop // js, async
Morgan (npm) //npm, morgan
JOI (npm) // npm, joi
The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) // unicode
1100 hours
JMeter Result Analysis: The Ultimate Guide JMETER RESULT ANALYSIS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE // jmeter, load testing
Jmeter // jmeter, load testing

Project "BotReminder 2.0" - STOPPED (UNFINISHED) (02/11/2018)

Project "BotReminder 2.0" - CONTINUE (13/10/2018)

Project "BestMovieQuotes" - END (12/10/2018)

Actions on Google // actions on google, dialogflow, chatbot
Build your own Action for Google Assistant // actions on google, dialogflow, chatbot
How To Build Your Own Action For Google Home Using API.AI // actions on google, dialogflow, chatbot

Project "BestMovieQuotes" - START (10/10/2018)

Project "BotReminder 2.0" - PAUSED (10/10/2018)

The Twelve Factors // coding, general
Util.promisify // util.promisify, async, javascript
How To Build Your Own Action For Google Home Using API.AI // google actions
Build your own Action for Google Assistant // google assistant, google actions
DB migrations - Seaquelize // sequelize, migrations
Schema migration // schema migration, db
Fixing SQL Injection: ORM is not enough // orm, sql
Using Redis with Node JS // redis
Improving database performance with Redis // redis
Redis storage adapter for Microsoft BotBuilder // redis, bot builder
Redis // redis
900 hours
Merging objects in JS // javascript, merging objects
JS: Desctucturing assignment // javascript, desctructuring
Simplify your JavaScript – Use .map(), .reduce(), and .filter() // array functions, javascript
State of npm scripts // npm, npm scripts
Introduction to NPM Scripts // npm, npm scripts
NPM scripts // npm, npm scripts
QnA Maker // azure bot service, qna maker
Project personality chat // azure bot service, project personality chat
Conversation learner // azure bot service, conversation learner
Using dotenv package to create environment variables // dotenv, javascript, node
DotEnv // dotenv, javascript, node
Prettier for VSCode // vs code, prettier, eslint
Azure Bot Service Documentation // chatbot, azure
Microsoft LUIS // luis, chatbot, nl
Setting up ESLint on VS Code with Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide // eslint, airbnb, javascript, vs code
Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide // eslint, airbnb, javascript
5 JavaScript Style Guides — Including AirBnB, GitHub, & Google // javascript, eslint, airbnb
Create a bot with the Bot Builder SDK for Node.js // chatbot, bot framework, node

Project "BotReminder 2.0" - START (18/09/2018)

Project "PodervjanskyBot" - PAUSED (18/09/2018)

Project "PodervjanskyBot" - START (05/09/2018)

800 hours
How we built AI Chatbot Using JavaScript and ChatScript // chatscript, nlu
Presented FindThisPlaceBot on // findthisplace, chatbot, promotion
ChatScript // chatscript, nlu
A Beginners Guide To Understanding The Agile Method // agile

Project "GuessThePlaceBot" - END (31/08/2018)

Project "GuessThePlaceBot" - START (07/08/2018)

Amazon S3 - Github examples // amazon s3, aws
Amazon S3 // amazon s3, aws
JavaScript ES6 — write less, do more // javascript, es6
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is a technique that lets you query and manipulate data from a database using an object-oriented paradigm // sql, orm, sequelize
Sequelize - promise-based ORM for Node.js // sql, orm, sequelize
Machine Learning: how to go from Zero to Hero // machine learning, ml

Connecting to PostgreSQL // postgreSQL
PostgreSQL Tutorial // postgreSQL
PostgreSQL Tutorial // postgreSQL
SQL vs. NoSQL Databases: What’s the Difference? // db, sql, nosql
Relational vs. non-relational databases: Which one is right for you? // db
700 hours
LivePerson - Sample App // liveperson, chatbot, javascript
LiveEngage Bots FAQs // liveperson, chatbot, javascript
LivePerson: Start Using Bots // liveperson, chatbot, javascript

Project "Food Composition Bot v2.0" - END (30/06/2018)

Project "Food Composition Bot v2.0" - START (18/06/2018)

Google Fonts // fonts, google, design
Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened? // chatbot
Top Sites for JavaScript Practice Exercises // javascript
JavaScript - Exercises, Practice, Solution // javascript
Gupshup // chatbot //chatbot // chatbot
JavaScript ( // javascript

Project "Fellowtraveler" - STOPPED (UNFINISHED) (12/06/2018)

Project "Fellowtraveler" - CONTINUE (28/05/2018)

Project "Remindmebot" - END (26/05/2018)

Project "Remindmebot" - START (17/05/2018)

Project "Fellowtraveler" - PAUSED (16/05/2018)

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500 hours
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400 hours
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Project "Fellowtraveler" - START (16/03/2018)

Project "SharedExpensesBot" - END (16/03/2018)

Project "SharedExpensesBot" - START (20/02/2018)

Project "PlotBot" - END (20/02/2018)

Project "PlotBot" - START (03/02/2018)

Project "FoodCompositionBot" - END (03/02/2018)

Project "FoodCompositionBot" - START (25/01/2018)

Project "FoodComposition" - END (25/01/2018)

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Project "FoodComposition" - START (02/01/2018)

Project "Car-Price-Age-Mileage" - END (30/12/2017)

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Project "Car-Price-Age-Mileage" - START (01/11/2017)

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100 hours
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Python coding practice - (10 tasks) (account, github) // python
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Interests/About me

I’m 36, I was born and live in Ukraine (Cherkasy). I came to coding from biology (have a master’s degree in human physiology, unfinished PhD; while studying at school and university was a winner of All-Ukrainian Biological Olympiads). I have >10-years of experience as an English>Russian medical translator (TA Medconsult), translated for Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sanofi, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals etc. Passed a 2-month internship in a molecular biology lab INSERM U963 / CNRS UPR9022 (Strasbourg, France).

Learning to code since October 2017. From September 18, 2018 work as a chatbot developer (node.js) at Master of Code.

I’m married, we have 3 kids (born in 2012, 2014 & 2014), trying to keep a more or less healthy balance between work and family/life. I like mounting biking – Strava (log in needed).